Sybase SA, through its Unwired Practice, and USP Designs have launched CyberAgent Mobile, a mobile communication tool designed to allow estate agents to administer, catalogue and publish properties online, anywhere, any time.

“CyberAgent Mobile allows agents with a mobile PDA device to capture property details, take pictures and publish information instantaneously on the Web,” says Gerard Sofianos, Sybase SA’s Unwired Practice manager.

“CyberAgent Mobile is taking information to the point of activity, so as to increase the productivity of the sales process, and to provide an interface for the property agents to capture property information from the field, in a far more efficient manner than has been done before.”

He says the inherent mobility of CyberAgent Mobile makes it the perfect tool for real estate agents who spend large amounts of time in the field.

“Real-time wireless connectivity allows agents to input and access property and transaction information any time, anywhere,” he adds. “This means no more wasted trips back and forth to the office to complete or submit paperwork, or read and answer e-mails.”

Pat Jewell, director of operations at USP Designs, says that improved technology has become an integral part of the real estate industry over the past few years.

“We see the CyberAgent Mobile tool playing a vital role in the future of real estate,” he adds.

CyberAgent Mobile is aimed at the 56 000 registered real estate agents in SA, enabling them to access multi-listing services, search properties by any status type, synchronise calendar, contacts, and tasks with popular desktop organisers, and view full colour, high resolution property photos from a single, integrated device over any of the local mobile networks.

“CyberAgent Mobile technology is built on Sybase’s mobile business platform, which has been customised specifically around the requirements of the real estate industry,” says Sofianos.

Building the CyberAgent Mobile application on the Sybase platform is intended to enable 'always available' computing, providing both secure wireless and offline access to information – allowing real estate agents to access the information they need, when and where they need it, regardless of the bandwidth available.

“The key to this solution is that Sybase is bringing its extensive experience in the mobile arena to market, to provide complete solutions to the property market,” Sofianos adds.