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- A website has been launched by a group of Nigerians, to deter former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida from making a come-back. The website, www.againstbabangida.com, has as one of its main features a listing of Nigerians tagged "Public Enemies," for promoting or working for the aspiration of Babangida to rule Nigeria again, come year 2007. It said the website is a project by concerned citizens determined to stop Babangida from managing the affairs of government again in Nigeria. The website features several interesting sections as "Babangida's scandals", which featured, among several others, the Gloria Okon Story, brutal reaction to the SAP riots, Dele Giwa's murder, and the BCCI cover-up; among others.

* Malick Gueye has been replaced as the head of the Senegalese regulator ART. His replacement is Daniel Seck, former Sales Director of Afripa Telecom. Senegal has the chair of WATRA, the West African regulators association and Seck will take over that role.

* Arrow Networks CEO Kwaku Boadu found himself in the middle of a PR storm this week. His company has been contracted to track the launch of a rocket by NASA. Feeling rather pleased that it had attracted the contract, Arrow not unnaturally wanted to trumpet its success. It issued a press release that used the phrase ’Ghana takes part in space launch’ as a hook for journalists. Before it knew what had happened there was one Ministry wanting to call a press conference to say that companies and individuals could not claim credit on behalf of the country, only Government could do that. It was even rung up by the Meteorological Service of Ghana asking why it was not included in the project. Arrow pointed out tactfully that the “project” consisted of nothing more than tracking and recording the rocket’s initial flight for six and a half minutes.

* Compuware has announced that, effective immediately, Philippe Llorens is the new vice-president for Compuware's Southern, Middle East and Africa region, while Jorge Borralho leads the SA operation. Llorens has been with Compuware for over four years, while Borralho has spent overthree years with Compuware during his 25-year career in IT.