MIC Tanzania Limited (Mobitel) has announced a major reinvestment of some TS35bn geared at improving its services in the coming 12 month-span. Company Director of Sales and Marketing Roney Mtawali revealed this at a recent dinner organised for Members of Parliament in Dodoma.

Mtawali said the sum was meant for the improvement of the whole infrastructure, such as base stations and telephone towers , which would ensure a better network, coverage, customer services and services distribution countrywide.

He said that Mobitel embarked on the massive investment to ensure the company's services were available in 'every town today' and 'every locality tomorrow'. 'We have been working around the clock to realise this ambition since last year,' said Mtawali, adding that through this spirit, Mobitel had already constructed 155 base stations and telephone towers. He said from the decisions and efforts taken so far, the number of the base stations and telephone towers would go to up to 300 by March 2006. 'The aim is to have our services available in every locality within a 12 month span from today,' he said.