Internet News - In Brief


- Namibia's telephone directory will soon be accessible on the Internet. Ferdinand Tjombe, public relations manager at Telecom Namibia, says some sections of the directory are already accessible on the Internet. "The plan to put the directory on the website started way back in April of 2005. One of the sections (medical section) is already on the Telecom Namibia Website," he said. Efforts were underway for other sections of the directory to be incorporated on the Telecom website. Tjombe said the company was pushing for the project to be finalised before the end of this financial year. Though Telecom has not revealed the total cost of the project, it is believed to be costing the parastatal millions of dollars.

- Zambian ISPs look set to create the necessary legal structure to set up an IXP.

- A South African ISP has been sent a cease and desist notice by a US company monitoring P2P networks.

- Much complaining on South African mail lists about iBurst's broadband service. Apparently it goes down frequently in some areas. A solution? Rather incredibly an antenna designed by a Russian called the Sergei antenna. You couldn't make it up. More details may follow...