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Until now, sending bulk SMS messages has been clumsy and a big hassle to the extent it is almost impractical. That is not so anymore, thanks to SMS Messenger, a new desktop SMS sending software released by Bernsoft Interactive Ltd. The software is one of several SMS solutions supplied by Bernsoft — the leading local developer and provider of SMS solutions.

SMS Messenger is a product that sends text messages to large lists at the click of the button. It can deliver to virtually all GSM networks globally, allowing the bulk SMS user to send messages for a cost as little as 2 Kenya shillings per message.

“It is an exciting product all round. First it is a product that incorporates full convergence of ICTs. Second, it removes all the handicaps that have slowed the use of SMS as a serious, modern business tool. Third, and a bottom line issue for all businesses it saves both time and money,” explained Bernsoft CEO Bernard Kioko. Its impact on the marketing, operations, procurement, and other departments will be revolutionary. SMS Messenger has great potential for customer care delivery among other service delivery opportunities, giving relevance to Bernsoft's “we help power your business” motto.

The fact that SMS Messenger provides reliable coverage to destinations allows users to communicate with their database through a painless exercise of typing a message, selecting the recipients and clicking on the send button. “It really is as simple as that,” adds Bernard Kioko, “and it is very user friendly indeed”.

Bernsoft has adopted the widely accepted 'recharge' approach to activate credits and manage message usage. With no contracts, no licence costs and no obligation to buy, SMS Messenger allows users to easily monitor their SMS messaging costs.

SMS Messenger offers a number of compelling features for users of existing text messaging services. "We have gone beyond the concept of just being able to send a block of 160 characters,” said Bernard Kioko, “SMS Messenger also incorporates a powerful mail-merge facility allowing customers to send personalised messages to lists of numbers.”

Mr. Kioko stated that customer uptake has been beyond expectations. “It's the mail-merge facility (which makes messages really personal) that is really getting many of our clients excited. They see value-add in their communications to their customers. A number of businesses have started using SMS Messenger as a reminder and promotional tool. Whether they are doctors, transport operators, sales managers, educational institutions, restaurants, real estate agents, farmers and others, they will continually discover that sending a low cost SMS message is more cost effective and more direct than a standard phone call."

With message traffic in Kenya now exceeding 10 million transmissions a week, SMS usage in Kenya is rapidly becoming an accepted norm in personal and business circles. The GSM Wireless Association reports that over 360 billion SMS messages were sent worldwide last year.