Arivia.kom has appointed Ndi Towo to head up its Africa division. Towo is eminently qualified, with years of experience in telecoms and ICT on the continent. "My mandate concerns the development of business in line with Nepad initiatives, focusing on infrastructure and economic development, rather than merely achieving profits," says Towo. "Given my background in telecoms, by coming to arivia.kom I can broaden my interest in ICT and telecoms projects, particularly in light of the company's vision to be the dominant ICT solutions provider on the continent. This approach is especially pertinent, as the SA market becomes more competitive and margins shrink," he added.

"We intend to expand our footprint in Africa beyond our current presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Botswana. One-stop services will be offered to multinationals that have multi-country operations on this continent." New Partnership for Africa's Development (Nepad) aims to address the current challenges facing Africa, such as alleviating poverty levels, under-development and the continued marginalisation of Africa and prioritises building and improving infrastructure, including ICT. Towo's mandate goes hand in hand with this drive, and he aims to focus on delivering against Nepad objectives.

-After a 3-year term at Starcomms, Dirk Smet has resigned. He joined Starcomms in 2002 at the company's humble beginning and successfully turned it around. He is being replaced by Graham Burke who has been designated Chief Operating Officer (COO). Burke has experience with telecoms operators in Asia, the middle East and Africa. In Africa specifically, he has consulted for Intercellular, another PTO and is coming in on the eve of Starcomm's rollout of services in oil rich Port Harcourt.