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- Tupperware Southern Africa has concluded an agreement with CreditPipe and service partner MTN to use MobileCredit, a service that enables credit card payments to be processed securely via a cellphone. A pilot project kicked off and was concluded in September 2003 in which seven of Tupperware's 28 distributors were involved, which had salespeople subscribe to CreditPipe's MobileCredit service through MTN. To process a payment, Tupperware salespeople enter the necessary credit card and transaction details into the cellphone, which is transmitted to the bank via an encrypted SMS for verification and processing. Once the transaction is logged, a response is transmitted back to their cellphone indicating whether it is approved or declined. Tupperware's distributors have multiple cellphones linked to a single merchant account, allowing entire teams to transact. The distributors can manage the facility online with Credit-admin, a website that tracks and manages all transactions. Tupperware is in the process of launching the service to its sales force of more than 34 000 people in South Africa, Swaziland, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Botswana.