Mweb Nigeria, has launched Fixed Wireless Internet service to home and business customers in Lagos. General Manager, Mweb Nigeria, Mr. Jannie Van Rhyn, said at the formal launch of the service in Lagos that, Mweb Nigeria's Fixed Wireless Internet service is a non line of sight, always on and bi-directional service that delivers data via a licensed radio frequency.

"It will give our customers an option for superior wireless access to the Internet through affordable equipment. With the non line of sight technology, a user is not required to have direct visibility to the base station," Mr. Van Rhyn stated.

Adding that the feature makes the installation easy, which is also backed by 24-hour technical support that Mweb is associated with.

The service option cater for a wide variety of needs and users can select from shared bandwidth right through to guaranteed bandwidth options, which can deliver from 32kbps to 1Mbps to a single subscriber.

Mweb's fixed wireless Internet service also caters for value added services such as Voice over IP, Virtual Private Networks and data transfers between sites.

Mr. Van Ryhn, also noted, that the high bandwidth capacities that business need, bundle with real scalability often not possible with traditional solutions, Mweb Nigeria's fixed wireless Internet service provides a true high-speed alternative for both homes and businesses, with comparatively minimal startup and subscription costs. Mweb Nigeria has also announced that they now offer an end-to-end solution for VoIP through their Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) and Fixed Wireless services. The solution, with a gateway in the United States of America provides high quality voice calls to their VSAT and Fixed Wireless subscribers at very competitive pricing.

Marketing Manager, Mweb, Ms Lolade Elusade, said that the use of Internet is instrumental to the development of individuals and businesses. And expressed Mweb commitment in bringing high quality and affordable Internet services into the homes and business of Nigerians.

" We realized that to achieve this, there is the need to constantly develop and deliver innovative and affordable Internet related products to the Nigerian market," she said.

She stated that Mweb Nigeria is determination to continue to add to the growing range of Internet products, so that every Nigerian can subscribe to any of the Internet product best suited for them.

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