MyADSL launched an investigation into local broadband services and compared them with international offerings.

This investigation focused on all aspects of broadband services, including price, speed and reliability, and SA emerged as the country with the most expensive services.

A particularly interesting finding in this study was that broadband connections in SA are unaffordable for the average South African, because the average person has to spend between 43% and 105% of their monthly salary for a basic broadband connection.

A standard ADSL broadband connection in countries like the USA, UK and Japan costs around 1% of average monthly income.

The study concludes: "We feel strongly that it is government's responsibility to ensure that broadband Internet will be a commodity that is affordable to most sectors of our society. It is common knowledge that it will fuel the economy, create jobs and assist in making SA a global playerin the IT arena. Without government intervention, the already substantialdigital divide will simply widen, making it impossible for South Africans tocompete favourably in the global IT marketplace."