Digital Content

Mobile content supplier InnoVeda Mobile Solutions has secured the rights to supply Fashion TV content to mobile phones in SA.

During the past year, the Cape Town-based firm has gathered the licensing rights for a number of international brand name content suppliers, including Hollywood movie clips. It expects to make further announcements soon.

InnoVeda MD Bertus Preller says his firm's role is that of an aggregator, whereby it enters into negotiations with the branded content suppliers, obtains the local licence and is then involved in a revenue sharing agreement with the content suppliers, such as iTouch.

“Sometimes the content suppliers ask us to obtain the licence for certain content, other times we obtain the licence and then help the content supplier to load it onto their portals, help fund the marketing and distribution,” he says.

Preller says unlike many other electronic fads, supplying content to the mobile phone industry is not a “land grab, rather it is a slow process that includes a lot of expenditure before we see any real revenue flow”.

Preller says Fashion TV's mobile content and services, combined with InnoVeda's marketing and delivery channels, including video, wallpaper and music content channels for 2.5G and 3G networks, will provide operators with innovative and value-added service opportunities.

Fashion TV delivers content adapted to mobile phone use on various mobile networks and is the only TV channel specifically aimed at a fashion audience.

Part of the deal struck with Fashion TV is that InnoVeda has to help organise and host its “FTV parties” in various locations around the country. These parties attract the rich and famous.

“These Fashion TV parties have never been held in SA and so this will be quite an event. But it is all about expanding on the brand name and the content that is supplied to mobile phones,” Preller says.

Fashion TV claims to be one of the most widely distributed satellite channels with 300 million viewers in 130 countries.