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Global Software Solutions Limited, is showcasing a Windows based application designed to enable users send bulk or multiple recipient SMS messages using the GSS gateway engine. The product christened Global SMS makes it possible for customers to send messages through more than 150 communication networks worldwide

Business Manager of Global Software Solutions, Mr. Edward Essien, said that currently, SMS has an extremely high consumer usage, but a low business adoption. "In other words, while billions of SMS messages are delivered between individual consumers each month, the use of SMS as a part of business and marketing strategies is relatively low" he added.

Mr. Essien however said the trend is changing, thanks to competition and globalization. According to him, "more and more organizations are now realizing the benefits of SMS, and its use as a new media within their traditional marketing, Contact management, Customer Relations Management and group Communications strategies".

He listed the benefits of SMS to include, cost-effectiveness insisting that as a communications medium, SMS is the most cost-effective way of communicating to any mobile audience. The manager argued that comparatively, while it cost N15.00 to send unit SMS on local GSM network, messages sent via Global SMS cost as low as N9.00 per unit.

He said the product has the advantage of high reach because Global SMS can bulk send SMS to an unlimited number of recipients instantaneously across 150 networks worldwide just as it has high response to calls-to-action.

Global SMS also has the benefit of immediacy because it is typically delivered within seconds, depending on the gateway used, message traffic, and of course on the handset being switched on and within coverage (effective queue management).

According to Mr. Essien, "the benefit of Global SMS is immense. For instance, should a business or organization integrate Global SMS with its existing (legacy) database environments, SMS can be automated to help your salutations, season's greetings, occasion announcements, birthday greetings to your esteemed contacts."

Global SMS currently offer the ability to brand the sender ID field of each outgoing message. This means that the space on each message, usually reserved for the mobile number of the originating mobile phone, can be replaced with the name or brand of the company sending the message. This is not possible on all networks.

The product, Mr. Essien said is especially useful to financial Institutions, manufacturing Companies, Research Companies, Media /Advertising Agencies, Churches, Mosques, Co-Operative Societies, Associations, Clubs, Eateries and Individuals.