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The Senegalese fishermen equipped with GIS, the Manobi GSM based, location-based and rescue system will now, be covered by the insurance companies. The Federation of Senegalese Insurance Companies (FSSA) and all National Fishermen Unions selected last week the GIS system exploiting GPS and GSM technologies to increase the protection at sea of fishermen and of their properties, and to establish the first insurance system in the sector.

To the fishermen, the GIS offers, from a GPS-GSM loaded terminal, a set of innovating services like marine weather forecast at sea, management of their departure registers and increased security with precise and real time localisation of the fishermen and the dugouts. It is based on Manobi platform of data services on GSM, the MCSP (Multi-Channel Service Platform) and on an original system for extending GSM coverage to more than 45 km offshore. The GIS will also enable the fishermen to pay from their terminal a premium adjusted to the actual level of their activities.

Fifty thousand (50,000) fishermen using 10,000 dugouts will thus be fully covered at sea by an insurance which is unique in the World. The fishermen equipped with GIS and who use it regularly will be granted a significant discount in their initial premium by the insurance companies.

"We wanted a solution which enabled us to organize an efficient and affordable insurance system for artisan fishermen" stated Mr Mamadou Racine Bathily, the General Manager of FSSA, "- The quality and simplicity at the front-office of the Manobi solution permit us to provide for the first time an insurance system to fishermen coupled with a prevention solution which will help to save fishermen lives and equipments".