BroadSoft(R), Inc., a provider of VoIP application software, on Tuesday last week announced that Internet Solutions (IS) chose Dimension Data as their systems integrator to deploy advanced VoIP enterprise services based on the BroadSoft BroadWorks(R) VoIP application platform. The new service, called Voice over IS (VoIS), is a culmination of IS's long-term support of market deregulation and the development of best-of-breed information technology services that enable South African companies to compete more effectively.

With the deregulation of the South African telecommunications market in February 2005, South African companies can now choose to improve their communications services with VoIS - a full-featured portfolio of converged voice and data services. By integrating voice and data networks, VoIS helps companies realize network-related equipment and administration efficiencies, and significant cost-reductions on inter-branch, long distance, international and phone-to-cell calls. With BroadWorks at the core of the VoIP network, VoIS is also positioned to lead the VoIP market forward with the most advanced set of next-generation services, such as click-to-dial, voicemail-to e-mail, and find-me-follow-me, that end users can easily control from BroadWorks' proven web-based portal.

"We chose BroadSoft's BroadWorks platform because it enabled us to quickly respond to a changing regulatory environment with a nationwide, carrier-grade VoIP service that supports our long term commitment to growing South Africa's VoIP market," said Greg Hatfield, general manager of Voice Solutions at Internet Solutions. "With BroadSoft's BroadWorks platform, we're able to provide companies with the cost-savings they need now and the enhanced productivity features that will keep them competing more effectively into the future."

According to Jason Goodall, executive director at Dimension Data South Africa, "With the launch of Internet Solution's BroadSoft-based VoIP services, South African companies can now confidently start saving money with a service that will continue to meet their future communications needs. We're proud to be part of this winning team and commend Internet Solutions for their dedication to creating freer and more open markets." Dimension Data is a global distributor of the BroadWorks platform.

"Internet Solutions is paving the way forward for the South African communications industry," said Michael Tessler, CEO and president at BroadSoft. "By working with leading global distributors, such as Dimension Data, we're helping providers around the world expand their revenue streams with carrier-grade communications services that save companies money and increase their productivity."

BroadSoft's BroadWorks VoIP application platform provides a comprehensive range of advanced applications, including hosted PBX, IP Centrex, mobile PBX, business trunking and residential broadband services fully integrated into a single VoIP application platform. BroadWorks is uniquely capable of providing these applications with the reliability, redundancy, scalability and regulatory capabilities required to deliver carrier-class service.