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Nasrul-Lahi-il-Fathi Society of Nigeria (NASFAT) has partnered with MTech, the nation’s leading mobile Value Added Services (VAS) provider, to provide Muslim brethren with the Daily Ayaat Mobile Download Service available from May 22nd 2005 to MTN subscribers.

The Daily Ayaat service which is currently available to all MTN subscribers allows individuals to receive the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) on their mobile phones every morning. MTN mobile phone users only need to dial 300 161 from their mobile phones and they will receive inspirational messages from the Glorious Hadith or Qu’ran every morning for a period of 6 days for a cost of N100 which pays for the cost of text messages being sent and for management of the service.

NASFAT observed that the rapid growth of GSM in Nigeria provides a new opportunity to use technology to help further its objective to develop an enlightened Muslim society nurtured by a true understanding of Islam for the spiritual upliftment and welfare of mankind. NASFAT sought to work with experts in the field to take advantage of this opportunity and decided to contract with MTech based on its strong record of delivering services across all the GSM networks in Nigeria. With this successful service launch on MTN, NASFAT has now directed MTech to make the service available to the largest number of people possible by extending the service immediately to the other GSM networks in the country.

According to Mr. Olakunle Hassan, The Executive Secretary NASFAT; “apart from the Friday and Sunday services which allows our Muslim brothers to gather and worship on the ground, we believe this will be a avenue for them to stay connected to the teachings of the Qu’ran. Text messages are received everyday in the morning for 6 days, so if you wake up in the morning either before or after the morning prayers, you receive a word from the teachings of the great Prophet Mohammed (SAW). We believe this is a good innovation which our members and other Muslim faithfulls will gain encouragement and motivation for facing a hectic day.”

The MD of MTech, Mr. Chika Nwobi, said “MTech is always looking for ways to exploit the technical capabilities of the growing GSM networks and mobile phones to offer useful services to subscribers. The NASFAT Daily Ayaat service provides us with a very practical opportunity to give subscribers a service that is very easy and affordable to use yet very powerful in its impact. We believe that MTN subscribers will really enjoy the service and we look forward to making the Daily Ayaat available to all other GSM subscribers on all networks in Nigeria within the next few weeks”