Telecoms News - In Brief


- Mascom, the leading cellular operator in Botswana, has awarded Ericsson a 10 million euro contract for the expansion of its network as it gears up to provide new services and cater for rapid growth in the number of subscribers it serves. The contract encompasses the supply of equipment and software needed to expand the current network as well as the addition of new services such as high-speed data and Multimedia Messaging (MMS). Included in the deal are Ericsson professional services such as business and network consulting and training of technical staff.

- Government delays in the privatisation process of fixed line telco Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) have sparked off riots from the telco’s employees, resulting in six workers being arrested. The Universal Telephone Exchange (UTE) was declared the winner of the privatisation bid in February, but the government has failed to approve this amid rumours that UTE might not be able to afford the promised USD170 million investment in the telco. LTC workers held a protest on Tuesday demanding higher salaries and other benefits.