DataPro Group, the listed telecommunications company and ISP, has announced that the roll-out of its VoIP network, started in the fourth quarter of last year, has been completed after an investment of R4m. Jaco Voigt, operations director at DataPro, says the company also started rolling out its VoIP service to customers in November 2004, saying that this “customer roll-out is already bearing fruit”.

“We decided not to go the route of other players in the telecommunications industry who seem to first set up their infrastructure and then look for clients. Unlike other industry players who spent a fortune before even landing its first client, we will build and invest as we grow, and, as we need more capacity – and as our customer base grows - we will add the necessary capacity,” he adds.

Voigt says the company has chosen Grintek as its technology partner for its VoIP roll-out. He adds that because the company’s approach is to build the network as its demands grow, the company has saved 'a huge amount' on capital expenditure. “While we are arguably the largest independent ISP, we are not going to use our listing to raise money to plough millions and millions into building a VoIP network, but rather to upgrade our capacity as and when it is required. This approach is far most cost-efficient, and means that we will be able to offer more affordable prices to our clients," he says.