Sahara Computers has unveiled a number of prominent billboards in several key regions throughout Africa in a bid to attract additional business interest and further entrench its presence within this market. The company has established presence in key African countries like Kenya and Botswana, and is focused on an aggressive strategy to expand into this growing market.

The billboards have been strategically positioned to target consumers within Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana, and represent a significant part of the company’s overall multi-media marketing drive, which is aimed at elevating the profile of the brand and attracting new partners across the continent.

Atul Gupta, MD at Sahara Computers, believes the aggressive two-pronged advertising and marketing strategy will help the company achieve its objective in what he describes as largely untapped markets.

“Our strategy is targeted at a wide audience, including consumers and business investors. Whilst it would be fair to describe it as aggressive, it is also focused and clearly designed to generate greater awareness of the company and its product line,” says Gupta.

“Our objective with our product offering and the branches that we have established in parts of the continent is to meet the demand for ICT infrastructure and address key issues that local communities face.”