A new weather prediction system, which can be built using remodelled PCs, has been launched for South African farmers.

The Weather Station solution by Ultimate Retail Solutions (URS) predicts the weather, to help ensure efficient and productive farming. The system's software also compiles statistical information on temperatures and weather conditions over a period of time.

Besides handling temperature readings, the system doubles as a rain meter, clocks wind speed and wind direction, and provides information on atmospheric pressure and humidity. The system also comes with an interface to a PC and forecasting symbols.

It allows users to set up their own alerts relating to wind speeds and temperatures. When prearranged levels are breached, the system will automatically send an SMS to the user.

"The system is also geared to measure cold units during the winter season and during the year, allowing farmers to better manage their crops,” says URS director Deon Botha.

URS offers the new software on remanufactured PCs, which it says allows for lower costs. URS sells the system for under R5 000.