Digital Content

Tree Life Solutions LLC has launched a website targeted toward Africans and friends of Africa called Jamboweb.com, that will for the first time bring comprehensive access to African focused articles, events, and business and organization ‘yellow-page’ listings into one central online location.

Through providing international and local-based news, and a large and searchable database of events including concerts, theater, and professional events, and businesses in major cities including Johannesburg, Washington DC, New York, Addis Abbaba, Paris, London, and more, the founders of Jamboweb.com hope to build a valuable resource for the fast growing number of African web users.

Jamboweb.com was started by Ntale G. Lukama and Tim Kamba in October 1999, who saw the need for better organized and more comprehensive information for Africans online.

"There are several outstanding websites for Africans right now, but what really sets Jamboweb.com apart is how easy it is to find so much of African business, politcs, culture and information in one easy to use website," says Ntale Lukama, co-founder and Business Manager. "Whether you’re looking for a new market in Africa and looking for a business to contact, or if you want to know the next African conference in your area, you can now find that and current Africans news in one website."

Jamboweb.com also has a feature called the “African Blog” that allows visitors to post information about their community, including job opportunities, scholarships, community awards, business and organization press releases.

"We’re hoping to make Jamboweb.com a community, an informational resource and the central point for African businesses which seek to reach all Africans and friends of Africa consumers" says Ntale G. Lukama.