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With SMS-driven promotions and campaigns becoming prevalent today, a new service has been developed by iMessage that makes this facility affordable to everyone.

“It has long been the case that people interested in using such an offering face several barriers to entry, including price, technological complexity and a lack of available applications,” says Alastair Walmsley, iMessage product manager.

“Our new system is a mobile platform allowing businesses and individuals access to SMS campaigning through the simple registration of a keyword, for a cost of R99 and requires only a Web browser to get access to.”

He says that the very nature of SMS allows marketers and businessmen alike to apply the concept of pull versus push marketing, by getting their audience to communicate with them on demand.

“iMessage facilitates any kind of mobile message a company requires, from advertising campaigns and competitions to information on request, subscriptions, live scoreboards and RSVPs,” he says.

“Owners of an iMessage keyword can request users to SMS a specific word to the number, which would then set off a series of actions or commands dynamically through the back end of the iMessage server.”

Walmsley says that the service is simple and easy to use, even for those who are not that tech-savvy, and that there are different bands, with different costs per SMS – such as R2, R5 or even R10 – that a keyword can be registered on.

“We will be adding new services as they are developed and will be engaging with our clients to find out what types of options they require for their business,” he says.