Web And Mobile Data News - In Brief

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- The Information For Development Program (infoDev) has announced the launch of their new, substantially revised external website at www.infodev.org. The new site contains detailed information about infoDev's new strategy and work program. In the coming months, they will be adding a variety of features to make the site more interactive and to foster the growth of knowledge communities around specific ICT-for-development issues.

- The SA government plans to develop a new policy on Internet gambling this year. This is according to minister of trade and industry, Mandisi Mpahlwa, who said in his budget vote in Parliament last week: “Further strengthening and effective implementation of consumer protection will continue this year. The department will establish a new consumer credit regulator, develop a policy on Internet gambling and assess the impact of gambling, consumer credit and liquor.” The renewed focus is part of the Department of Trade and Industry's programme to improve consumer protection.

In this regard, the DTI has published a consumer protection policy,” he said. Mpahlwa said the policy, which was drafted and published for public comment in 2004, provides for the formulation of better consumer legislation. The DTI has also published a Consumer Credit Bill designed to protect consumers in the credit industry from reckless lending. Internet gambling is regulated by various provincial gaming laws and is touched on by the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.