Monday 27th-Thursday 30th June 2005, Cape Town, South Africa
Strand Street - Holiday Inn, Cape Town

Internationally prepaid has clearly emerged as the payment method of choice and the popularity of prepaid services and real time charging has transformed billing and customer care practices. This growth in prepaid is mirrored in Africa, however, with industry analysts suggesting that African prepaid churn rates stand at around 30% Africa operators face tough challenges in building loyalty and minimising churn amongst prepaid customers whilst optimising ARPU.

The Prepaid Mobile - Africa conference is the first specifically developed to address the technical and marketing challenges of operating a successful prepaid service.

Three focussed day addressing the key challenges Prepaid Mobile in Africa:

Day One - Monday 27th June 2005 Determining How To Increase Prepaid Loyalty And Maximise Customer ARPU

Day Two - Tuesday 28th June 2005 Outlining The Business Case For And Technical Challenges Of Supporting A VAS Portfolio For Prepaid Customers

Day Three - Wednesday 29th june 2005 Evaluating The Different Technical Solutions Available To Support Prepaid Recharge

  This event has been specifically designed for CEOs, Directors, Heads and Managers of: PrepaidPrepaid Marketing & Loyalty Programmes CRM Billing & Customer Care Mobile Services


The World Summit on the Information Society that Tunisia will host in November 2005, will feature a number of side events in addition to the official summit program, due to take place from November 16-18 at the El Kram exhibition hall, near Tunis.

Tunisian daily La Presse writes that based on an agreement between Tunisian authorities and the International Telecommunications Union's summit executive secretariat, side events will include debates, workshops and exhibitions, from November 14 -19 at Le Kram exhibition hall.

The objective of these events is to foster contact between the different parties attending the summit in conformity with the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly.

The newspaper also adds that the programme of these side events will comprise:

a forum entitled "Partnership for the development of the information society" that will consist of - an exhibition on "the partnership for the development of information and communication technologies (ICT's).

A partnership area destined to concretize the various partnership agreements on the basis of the reflections of the parties concerned by the setting up of the information society.

Meetings, conferences, panels, workshops, presentations of projects etc.

Side events of a global nature.

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