iBasis has announced that Econet Satellite Services (ESS), the primary international carrier for Econet Wireless International and other mobile and fixed operators, has interconnected with The iBasis Network for international voice services. The interconnection enables Econet to route international voice traffic over The iBasis Network, a global VoIP network, and provides iBasis with greater capacity for completing fixed and mobile calls to key African and Asian markets.

With the growing dominance of mobile telephony throughout Africa, mobile operators are looking for a stable routing platform that can provide reliable quality for international calls. With PremiumCertified, iBasis provides a portfolio of more than 500 routes that have met or exceeded the iBasis Retail Quality Index benchmark over an extended period. PremiumCertified quality is in part the result of iBasis' sophisticated network performance monitoring and call routing systems, which are based on the company's patent-pending Assured Quality Routing technology.

"Our interconnection with Econet greatly enhances our ability to exchange both fixed and mobile traffic in this newly deregulated region," said Ofer Gneezy, president and CEO of iBasis. "We look forward to working with Econet, a leading provider that shares our commitment to quality, which is essential for continued market share growth."

"As a provider of high quality voice services, iBasis is committed to offering a consistent level of quality for international calls to many countries, an optimized international voice routing solution and excellent customer service, which makes them a valuable addition to our network of interconnect partners," said Nic Rudnick, Commercial Director of Econet.

According to the ITU, mobile subscriber growth was expected to reach 17% during 2004. However, to maintain the momentum of growth, mobile operators are beginning to focus on affordability of services. As a result, pan-regional mobile network operators in Africa are adopting VoIP for its cost advantages, quality, and ability to accommodate rapid network expansion.