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- Cape Town Routes Unlimited (CTRU) - the official tourism marketing organisation for Cape Town and the Western Cape - has adopted a global platform for its tourism Web site. CTRU has transformed its Web site with a system that aims to link the Web sites of the regional and local tourism authorities to a centrally updatable database. The new protocol is intended to allow all tourism organisations to update their own Web sites. The changes are then automatically reflected in the domain http://www.tourismcapetown.co.za, the Cape Town & Western Cape destination Web site. CTRU's Web site is designed to integrate leisure, business and events information. Business and event planners interested in bringing conferences and events to Cape Town and the Western Cape are provided with all the necessary information to facilitate scheduling. An up-to-the-minute and detailed list of regional events is available on the site, Dube says. As visitors navigate the site, they are simultaneously informed about the tourism highlights of each of the individual six regions of the Western Cape. To tie all this together an online 'Route planner' tool aims to provide maps, distances and travel times between destinations. CTRU has chosen to partner with online destination marketing portal, Tiscover.