A leading telecommunications systems and solutions manufacturer, Psitek, has entered the Kenyan market.In Kenya, Psitek's known products include Safaricom's Simu ya Jamii service which employs the firm's Adondo brand of payphones as does Celtel on its Simu Yetu community payphones.

The firm has established a regional liaison office in Nairobi to spearhead its regional market penetration plan in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Sudan among other countries, and has announced plans to launch its Jembi GSM pay phone brand.The new Jembi unit has been developed to provide affordable communication solutions to consumers who cannot afford to privately own a mobile handset.

Speaking from his Nairobi office, Psitek's Head of Region Mr, Richard Lord, confirmed that the firm had decided to pitch tent in Kenya as part of the firm's global expansion strategy and believes the supervised payphone market to be an important one and is investing in the region in order to access the potential in this market segment.

"The potential consists of introducing fixed line solutions to complement those currently provided by Telkom Kenya such as the traditional coin and card operated payphones, an opportunity to introduce a GSM payphone such as our Jembi and Adondo units and lastly an opportunity to integrate our solutions into an informal market segment comprising of individuals using a mobile handset and a stop watch," Lord said.

He noted that the successful deployment of over 9,000 Adondo's across Safaricom and Celtel networks, had provided sufficient impetus to warrant further investment in Kenya hence the establishment of a Psitek regional presence in Nairobi, the first of its kind for the firm in Africa.

Established in 1990 and headquartered in South Africa, Psitek has also announced plans to make a substantial investment in its quest to serve the East, Central and Horn of Africa region,

Psitek's entry into Kenya will boost the regions mobile telecommunication sector given the firm's longstanding market dominance on its range of GSM payphones, wireless interfaces and line security systems.

While describing Kenya as the regional economic powerhouse, Lord, explained that the firm has set aside a significant market development budget mark in its bid to facilitate the regions telecommunications development ideals.

"Psitek realizes Kenya's position as the regional economic powerhouse and we are therefore coming in largely as development partners in the telecommunication field," Lord affirmed,

He added that Psitek would also move to lobby the government to grant them a tax and duty waiver to enable them to consider establishing an assembly plant in Nairobi.

Already, Psitek has established a working relationship with both Safaricom and Celtel through their respective partners and said to be engaging Telkom Kenya in a similar manner as part of its market penetration strategy,

"Our unique products are highly appropriate and have been developed to meet specific needs of both the emerging and established telecommunications markets around the world," Lord pointed out.