Nigerian mobile operator M-Tel has concluded plans to launch GPRS for its subscribers next week. Disclosing this in Lagos, the CEO of M-tel, Edwin Moore Momife, said that the company would use the GPRS service as a strategy to retain its old subscribers and attract new ones to its network.

The M-tel CEO explained that phone owners want to be able to use their phones to play games, transfer files, surf the net, or check their bank balances. 'These days,' he said, 'most people use their phones for more than voice. In the new environment the struggle for the market niche among the operator's is not just about the quality of the talk or price, but value added services. The impending competition is about who offers the best value added services. This is why M-tel will launch its GPRS by the end of the month. We have the technology to do it. The hype in the mobile marketing mix is the availability of value-added services on the operating network. Daily Trust