Africa's network operators face considerable security challenges with a range of threats including massive worm driven attacks, infrastructure hacking and many more, writes News Update's Zambian correspondent Timothy Kasolo. In response to these dangers Cisco Systems Engineer Ted Ogonda launched ten products, all dealing with security issues.

That is why CISCO systems has brought in integrated security solutions that will defend the edge, protect the interior and the hosts, verify the end user and device, and secure the transport layer. CISCO's self defending network strategy is to improve the network ability to identify, prevent and adopt to the threats.

In his product launch presentation in Lusaka last Monday CISCO Systems launched 10 products on the market. The products launched include IPS 5.0, VPN 3000 concentrator, 4.7 IOS 12.3 (14) T, PIX 7.0, CISCO Security Agent 4.5, Catalyst DDOS modules, CISCO Mars, CISCO security auditor. Ogonda said that CISCO IPS 5.0 is a multivector threat identification with new enhancements spyware/adware, network virus, application abuse, Voice OverIP (VoIP).

"The CISCO VPN 3000 concentrator v4.7 IPSec and WebVPN (SSL VPN) set the standards in remote access VPNs, while the CISCO Security Agent 4.5 is an host intrusion prevention, protection against MY DOOM," Ogonda said.

Ogonda explained that there is also another product called CISCO Network Admission Control (NAC) a CISCO-led, industry focused on limiting damage from emerging security threats such as viruses and worms.

"In NAC customers can allow network access only to compliant and trusted endpoint devices e.g PCs servers and PDAs and can restrict the access compliant devices," Ogonda explained.