The Arab Advisors Group conducted a major comprehensive survey of the media and telecom usage habits of the population of Greater Cairo between November 2004 and Jan 2005. On the TV front, despite the relatively wide adoption of Sat TV, terrestrial TV is still alive and kicking with a full 91% of households in Cairo tuning in to Egypt's terrestrial TV channels. Of the Sat TV viewers, 68.3% tune in to news channels. Al Jazeera news channels is the most widely watched (88.4% of households with Sat TV watched it), followed by Al Arabiya (35.1%), Nile News (8.9%), CNN (6.6%), Al Hurra (4.6%), Al Ekhbaryia (3.9%), BBC (3.1%), ANN, Euronews and Manar (each with 0.4%). The survey also probed the channels the households watched in the categories of: Music Channels, Entertainment Channels, Sport Channels and Religion Channels. On the GSM front, the survey revealed that some 71% of households in Cairo have a GSM line.

The survey is a multi client project of Arab Advisors custom research and consulting service. The study was not commissioned by any party and is available for all companies and interested parties. The full results of the survey (including detailed statistical analysis and relevant cross tabulations) are available in two major reports "Cairo Households Telecom Survey 2005" and "Cairo Households Media Survey 2005". Each report comes with the filled survey questionnaires in electronic format sorted both by question and by respondent.