A South African information access solutions company, ez-IT, has launched a battery-powered PC to take Internet access to environments where there is no electricity.

"The EZ-Power solution is underpinned by the ability of our EZgo micro computing devices, monitors and other accessories to operate from either a 220-volt AC or a 12-volt DC power source," says ez-IT marketing director Geoff Norman.

"The PC was invented locally by Greg Barnard, who is one of ez-IT's directors. It is manufactured for us under licence in Taiwan, and we have sole distribution rights for the EZgo PC in Africa," says Norman.

The PCs run for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the size of battery used, and the batteries can be recharged using a generator or a motor vehicle, he says.

He adds that the EZ-Power battery solution has a built-in regulator and a charger that could be plugged into a 220-volt AC permanently but only draw on the AC when it needs recharging.

Battery powered PC, EZ-Power is able to provide information access solutions driven from a standard 220-volt AC or 12-volt DC power source.

Norman says the PCs are available at standard PC prices (about R6 000) and the EZ-Power battery solution costs R16 000.

"The application of EZ-Power battery solutions is of vital importance on the African continent. The solution has been developed with rural education in mind where unreliable, non-existent power is the norm," says Norman.

"We believe this solution could be the answer to the big problems we have in South African rural schools, and the rest of Africa where there are thousands of schools that do not have power," he says.

"We want to encourage corporate clients to consider investing in our EZ-Power solutions. Ez-IT is kicking off a campaign, 'Using technology and knowledge to educate and heal', which will soon be available on the www.ez-online.com Web site," says Norman.