Internet News - In Brief


- A Cape Town-based Internet service provider, Dotco, has launched a high-speed Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Internet account, which is not subject to the commonly imposed three gigabyte capacity limit or 'cap'. Dotco's aptly named 'All You Can Eat' service offers SA subscribers virtually unrestricted Internet access for a fee of R480 per month, which the company says represents an introductory offer for early adopters of its technology. The All You Can Eat service is targeted at small to medium-sized companies, which are high-volume Internet users. "It is ideally suited to companies with graphics and video requirements, such as advertising agencies and film production houses, or high-volume bandwidth resellers, such as Internet cafés and 'hotspot' service providers," says Johan Ferreira, Dotco's MD. "It is also a boon to private users who spend considerable amounts of time linked to the Internet," he says. He adds that there are many similar users who have become frustrated by the skimpy 3GB cap, and for whom a service that substantially extends this limit to 30GB would be a welcome option.