Digital Content

From the website that brought you Uganda's first web to cell phone SMS service comes another innovation; one that will ensure musicians reap from what they produced through sweat of their brow.

Mr Elijah Kitaka, one of TrueAfrican's directors says the innovation which has a link on their website, will empower each listed artiste by ensuring that they directly make money off each purchase of their work coupled with gaining global visibility.

The music will be downloaded in MP3 format at a minimum of 128kbps (CD quality) and each song will cost $1.2 (about Shs2, 000) per download. Artistes will earn their cut every quarter after TrueAfrican has reconciled their accounts. However, those wishing to sell their music through True African will be required to read and sign an online music distribution agreement and contact TrueAfrican via e-mail on "This is one sure way to beat plummeting CD sales. Unscrupulous music distributors and artistes should be glad to know that their music will be accessible to buyers the world over 24/7," says Kitaka.