Digital Content

A new website,, has been developed to promote Uganda abroad and locally. It targets advertisers with an easy way to use an advanced system.

Access to the website is free but advertisers must pay Shs100,000 to set up a page per year. The site costs USD30 or Shs60,000 per year for a premium listing. The website directory links to more than 600 websites in the country.

The site has information on advertising companies in Uganda, opportunities in agro-business, computer supplies, education, environment, finance, entertainment and on the role different government departments play in promoting investment.

Also covered are news on sports, health, shopping, telecommunications, travel, wildlife, religions, kingdoms, districts, industrial, agricultural and bridal.

Mr Michael Nampala, the site's Chief Executive Officer, said more than Shs10 million has been invested in creating the website, which is listed on several search engines like Yahoo, Goggle, Lycos, Hotbot and Msn.

"Since its inspection in the last eight months, we have got over 16,000 visitors who have viewed over 7,000 pages," he said. He added that the site ranks third most accessed in Uganda after The Monitor and The New Vision.

To use the website, you open and submit your addresses and then access any information you want. Nampala said any person looking for someone could easily find her or him by just using his or her name.

"We are aiming at expanding this service to the African level although at the moment we are still concentrating on Ugandan programmes," Nampala added.

Locally, the Internet is mainly accessible in the major towns of Uganda, yet there may be potential advertisers and tourists in the unconnected parts of the country.