A new regional alliance announced Monday will increase the level of protection offered to businesses and home computer users across the Middle East, in the face of rising levels of virus activity in the region, according to industry experts.

The news follows research that reveals that 2004 saw 30 virus outbreaks in the Middle East, a record-high compared to previous years. Home users have been identified as one of the prime targets of this new wave of internet-related threats.

The new partnership agreement between Trend Micro Middle East, a leading network anti-virus and Internet security software service specialist, and information technology logistics management and distribution company, Tech Data FZ-LLC, will support the launch of a new generation of internet security products for the Middle East, in addition to providing broader layers of protection for customers.

According to senior executives at both companies, the partnership will bring immediate benefits to organizations and individual computer users in the region.

“The combined resources of Trend Micro and Tech Data – two international names with a strong track record in the field of information technology – provide a formidable team in the war against viruses and internet malware,” said Justin Doo, managing director, Trend Micro Middle East & Africa.

“Home users are increasingly at risk from a variety of threats, including phishing, greyware, and spam that contains malicious viruses, so the support of Tech Data, with their strong understanding of the consumer technology market, will enable us to take enterprise-standard protection into the homes of the Middle East,” added Doo.

 “Customers will benefit from our combined support and understanding of their business needs, while our partners can look forward to some aggressive product bundling, channel recruitment and knowledge transfer and training,” commented Eliot Shepherd, marketing director, Tech Data FZ-LLC.

 The initiative combines the strengths and capacities of both companies into a single, powerful team offering a more flexible, comprehensive and responsive service to both its customers and its partners.

 Resellers across the region will realize immediate benefits from the strategic alliance. Distributors can look forward quicker product launches, such as the PC-cillin 2005 – which will be launched officially into the local market for the first time through the Tech Data partnership.

PC-cillin protects personal computers from all types of network threats, including viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, and hackers. As part of the partnership, Trend Micro and Tech Data plan a number of shared promotional activities across the Middle East in 2005.

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