Are you interested in joining a one man technical team of a young and highly entrepreneurial company located in Nairobi, Kenya? MamaMikes ( is an online service that makes it possible for Kenyans and Ugandans abroad to `transfer help' in form of essential shopping vouchers to their family and friends at home. In addition to shopping vouchers, we make it possible for people to send gift items to their families at home. We are a small, enterprising venture looking to significantly participate in Kenya's IT industry.

We are in the process of implementing a new version of MamaMikes called `MamaMikes 2.0' – we need your help to get this project off the ground! BabaMikes – the one man technical team; is looking for 1 very good and talented programmer. If you are interested in the type of work we do, are willing to take a risk with our new and ambitious venture `MamaMikes 2.0', and are flexible to accommodate unique working conditions (see below) please get in touch!

Specifically I am in need of someone who:

Has experience with the following:
- Microsoft SQL 2000
- Microsoft Access
- Cold Fusion* (
- JavaScript

*I realize ColdFusion is not a very common programming tool in Kenya (at least this is what my research tells me so far) If you haven't had any experience with ColdFusion but have programmed in ASP or PHP, I will gladly train you in CF, (you will catch up in no time!) In addition the following skills are helpful but not required:

- Photoshop
- Flash
- Dream weaver
Also important to me is someone who:

- Likes the challenge of programming
- Has a good feel for an online interface design
- Is resourceful – knows where to go online and find helpful code, programming tricks, latest programming trends, etc
- Person who has a creative marketing side to them – especially helpful when thinking of the interface design
- Self starter, Independent thinker.
- Person willing to do what it takes to meet deadlines

The unique working conditions:

For 3 months (the time expected to complete programming and testing `MamaMikes 2.0'), we will provide you with comfortable accommodation and 3 meals a day at our home office in Limuru. We work Monday through Friday, office hours are flexible, what is important is set deadlines are met.


- In addition to the free accommodation and 3 daily meals, we will pay you $500 (net) a month.
- We will also offer you a % of profits earned from your programming effort.

As a team member joining us now, it is very likely you will stay on for a longtime and reap any successes from our experiment. The long term benefits far outweigh the short term sacrifice you make in terms of a Kenyan `entry level' salary.

Contact Information

Please contact me (Segeni aka BabaMikes) directly on I will respond to all inquiries.


The VoipRent hosted VoIP softswitch allows VoIP Service Providers to immediately and cost-effectively launch services such as:

- VoIP wholesale termination (SIP, H.323)
- ANI callback, SMS callback, Web callback, DID callback
- Prepaid calling cards
- Webphone and pc2phone (with customized interface and logo, unlimited license)
- Device2phone with DID mapping
- Callshop billing solution

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