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Vmobile Nigeria has launched Vactive and Voffice as value-added mobile products. While Vactive offers multiple entertainment and information options to suit the individual needs, preferences and lifestyles of Vmobile subscribers, Voffice provides internet browsing, fax, email and remote network access for enterprises and corporate executives.

The new services, according to J. J. Botha, Vmobile's Chief Sales Officer, are part of the company's vision to add more value to its subscribers and take telephony beyond just calls and SMS.

Vactive is divided into eight categories, including tones, graphics, news, games and entertainment. Others are sports, information, love and life which are all tailored to give the individual access to a world of fun and variety through entertainment and timely relevant information.

Vactive will offer subscribers a whole new world of ringbones, songmail, games, logos, wallpapers, screensavers and jokes. It will also be a reliable source of flight information, zodiac signs and football information services. It will provide Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), through which subscribers can exchange pictures and video clips over their phones using CSD or GPRS.

Vactive also provides Save My Contacts, a platform for subscribers to back up their contacts and text messages via WAP, SMS or online, so they can update and retrieve them anytime wherever they are.

Voffice uses the GSM technology known as GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), a fast means of transmitting data across GSM networks, as a bearer for delivering basic office services as email, fax, Internet browsing, remote network access, and a host of other services.

The services available in Voffice include Vmail, Vmail Plus, Vlink and Vfax. Vmail provides email to sms and sms to email, while Vmail Plus offers personal information management including email, contacts, synch, notify and tasks. Vlink offers Mobile internet access and corporate intranet access while Vfax will provide desktop fax solutions. To enjoy these services, subscribers must have handsets that support WAP, MMS and/or GPRS.