Alvarion last week announced that ONATEL (Office Nationale des Telecommunications), the national exchange carrier of Burkina Faso, has deployed an additional $4 million worth of Alvarion equipment.

This is the second phase of a project begun in 2003 to provide a full range of toll-quality voice, fax and high-speed IP data services to new residential and multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and multi-tenant units (MTUs) customers. The network was deployed and operational by the close of 2004.

Alvarion's solution is based on its MGW and eMGW platforms for the 1.9GHz and 3.5GHz frequency bands. ONATEL will use the wireless networks as part of its efforts to increase the country's teledensity, especially targeted for areas without previous telecommunications infrastructure.

The most recent order represents a significant increase from the number of lines installed last year, bringing the total number of installation sites to four in densely populated, developing areas. In addition, the noteworthy upgrade in this network is the introduction of Alvarion's eMGW, providing high-speed, broadband services for the first time to the country of Burkina Faso.

"The modularity of our networks allows carriers to build out infrastructure as justified by demand, reducing the need for huge initial investments," said Tzvika Friedman, President of Alvarion. In addition, the fact that one advanced system can support toll-quality voice and fax as well as high-speed Internet access gives the carrier an economic way to address the full communications needs of its customers. We look forward to participating in the future phases of ONATEL's network deployment, and are proud that our technology is helping ONATEL increase opportunities in this developing region."