Gauteng-based Internet service provider (ISP) CMC Networks is now ‘voice-ready' following the launch of its voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, VO-X (Voice over Xcellence). "We have comprehensively taken advantage of the deregulation that came into effect in February," says Grant Walker, CEO of CMC Networks. "Now, in addition to offering ISP and VANS services, we can offer our clients voice solutions." He adds that users will soon pay a lot less for local and international calls.

"Users will note immediate savings in call spend as they will no longer have to pay for usage if calls stay on the CMC virtual private network (VPN), as all between branch calls are covered by a flat monthly fee,” he says.

Walker adds that calls that break out to the public switched telephone network, which is based on off-network VPN calls, are competitively positioned against Telkom's standard rates. This will also result in savings on international calls. He believes there will be benefits for organisations that allow their ISP to manage and route their calls.

"South African business needs to understand the technology drivers behind VOIP solutions and in this regard we have set up a consultative approach to assist the business in conducting in-depth analysis of their current architecture and calculation of return on investment and total cost of ownership for the VO-X solutions we offer," says Anton Starling, sales manager for CMC Networks.