Web And Mobile Data News - In Brief

Digital Content

- Zanet Internet Service who registered and hosts AfrISPA.org have enhanced their website with more features and content, which can be seen at www.afrispa.org. On the resource section of the site visitors can find the recent collection of information on ISPs, IXPs and ISPAs in a database that can queried. There are plans also to provide a Francophone version of the site so that it is in dual mode. Visitors are invited to take a tour of the site and make any comments, constructive criticism and suggestions to webmaster@afrispa.org.

- SANGONeT Technology Services have developed a database-driven website with a content management system for Agenda, a Durban-based feminist media project. The website is based on robust open source technology and features interactive polls and subscription-based access. The website can be viewed at http://www.agenda.org.za.