Computer News - In Brief


- Egypt's Social Fund for Development will implement several Oracle solutions as part of an EC-funded initiative to develop a new management information system. The aim is to help the SFD monitor and evaluate its projects better, as well as achieve a greater level of transparency across funding allocations.

- Uganda has earned USD43m (sh78b) from information and communication technology (ICT) exports in the last two years, an official from Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has said. “Since we started compiling data on ICT in the second quarter of the 2001/03 financial year, Uganda has been exporting services to more than 23 countries including those in Europe and America,” John Musajjakawa, the authority’s officer in charge of ICT, said.

Musajjakawa said in 2001/02, USD9.69m was earned, while in 2002/03, USD14.42m was earned. Quoting Bank of Uganda’s Balance of Payments Research Department, he said, “In the 2003/04 financial year, the country got USD19.2m from computer and information services. Uganda’s ict exports will increase. There is a company exporting software developed from here to 23 countries. The firm has just opened a branch in Costa Rica,” Musajjakawa said. He said more than 250 firms have registered with the Private Sector ICT Association of Uganda.