Intelsat announced the launch of GlobalConnexSM (GXS) Network Broadband, a cost-effective, last-mile broadband solution designed to provide enterprises, government agencies, Internet cafes and other closed user groups with reliable, high-speed access to all IP-based applications, including corporate Internet/intranet access, voice over IP, videoconferencing and virtual private networks.

GXS Network Broadband is an addition to Intelsat GlobalConnexSM Broadband, a portfolio of managed, integrated network services for end-to-end delivery of voice, data, video and IP traffic. GXS Network Broadband leverages iDirect technology, which couples high-speed access with measurable QoS for a true enterprise-grade broadband experience. Plus, using the iDirect platform allows GXS Network Broadband channels to accelerate deployment of pan-regional services, since iDirect technology has the unique ability to access multiple satellites from a single, low-cost hub.

Internet Solutions, a South Africa-based service provider offering converged communications services, has already signed on with Intelsat to act as its first in-region channel partner. “This is a smart and low-risk business offering for us and other service providers because the network infrastructure is owned and managed by Intelsat, enabling us to provide a low-cost service to end-users by keeping their equipment costs down,” said Jacques Rautenbach, General Manager of Africa Services at Internet Solutions. “GXS Network Broadband delivers business value to our customers by giving them instant high-speed access to all their mission-critical IP applications, no matter where they’re located.” Internet Solutions is currently using Network Broadband to provide internet and MPLS VPN networks to its customers in Africa.

MWeb, one of Africa’s leading providers of Internet services, has also signed on as a channel partner to Intelsat for the provision of GlobalConnex Network Broadband services to businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. MWeb plans to use Network Broadband to provide Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa) meaningful, benefit-driven solutions to ensure that the Internet adds value to companies’ business processes and enhances consumers’ ability to communicate, access information and transact. “MWEB Africa has delivered premium, reliable Internet products and services to its consumers and leading businesses for years; a low-risk offering such as GlobalConnex Network Broadband enables us to enhance the value we can provide to our customers” said Harry Aucamp, General Manager MWeb Africa. “The business model provided by Intelsat for this service allows us to offer it economically while focusing on our competency of subscriber management. Leveraging Intelsat’s Network Broadband product will bring yet another reliable and cost-effective alternative to our many business customers.”