From now on, Ivorians will be able to use a Mastercard-based card called Web Surfer to buy products and services on the web. This is the one of two products unveiled by Monicash, a company specialising in electronic payment transactions.

Web Surfer is designed solely for use on the internet and is not cheap. It costs FCFA 12,500 to buy it and it has been available since mid-January. Users need to have a bank account. The card can be used to do a variety of transactions including booking hotels and buying books. The second product - Travelercard - will be available in mid-March. It costs FCFA 15,000 and is the equivalent of an electronic debit card which can be used for purchases in stores and to obtain cash in European banks. Each card can be recharged but the user pays 2.5% of the sum for the privilege. According to Monicash's Louis Diakité, his company has invested FCFA 1.3 billion and "we are serious about developing e-business in Côte d'Ivoire."

Le Patriote