Computer News - In Brief


- Ugandan computer assembler Anupam Global Soft Uganda Limited, has started school campaigns to eliminate computer illiteracy. Anupam operates a USD600,000 computer assembly plant, the first of its kind in East Africa, licensed by the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). The Manager for Business Development, Puwar Jayendra, said it makes no sense for students to graduate in different fields without any computer knowledge. "We are living in a modern world where (information technology) is a core requirement for everybody. We have, therefore, taken the initiative to teach the young and older people in Uganda who so wish to enjoy our services," he said.

- The number of ICT-enabled African schools will grow to 600 000 over the next 20 years, says Didier Decluse, Cisco's country manager for sub-Saharan Africa. Decluse was addressing delegates on the second day of Cisco's Networkers Africa 2005 conference at Sun City last week.