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The site, developed by Vivid New Media in collaboration with Big Media, allows the public to access information on human rights, as well as link to legal organisations they can approach for help in the protection of their rights.

Constitutional Court Web site project manager Merle Ruff says the site was created to serve as a source of legal information for the public as well as ensuring access to relevant, free legal information on the Internet.

“The site aims to cater for the interests of users at all levels, from legal researchers, school learners and public visitors. It includes information about the court's history, its role and work, landmark judgments and the constitution-making process,” says Ruff.

“The site will inform the public both nationally and internationally of the role and activities of the Constitutional Court.”

Ruff says the site consists of a full text database of all Constitutional Court cases handed down since 1995, and documents that can be viewed, printed or downloaded include full judgments and summaries.

She says Web site usability testing has shown that primary school learners include constitutionalism as part of their curriculum.

“The idea is to later improve the site by developing space or creating a separate site that will be more user-friendly to primary school learners, as well as looking at providing information on law clerks.”