The Gerald's Butchery and Supermarket chain has installed a new South African developed point of sale (POS) and inventory management system at its four Gauteng stores, with more installations planned for new sites.

Designed and deployed by local Open Source software solutions provider, Singularity, the Positron system eliminates the need for manual day-end or month-end processing and features inventory assessment and planning options. It also assists in rapid customer order processing.

"Gerald's Butchery and Supermarket contacted us with a clear message; they were looking to upgrade their current system and wanted more clarity on their stock levels with real-time reporting - and recording - of stock movement," explains Walter Norris, a solution architect at Singularity.

Subsequently, Singularity designed a Linux based system, incorporating the latest Open Source technologies to lower costs. This was allied to a thin-client architecture that allows for centralised information processing and data storage.

Looking to the future, plans are in place to develop a module of the system that will enable Gerald's Butchery and Supermarket to centrally address stock planning, costing and other key business functions.

"Singularity intends to further lower the costs of such solutions, making them attractive to smaller businesses," adds Norris.