Surfing the web at neck-breaking speed in Mauritius will soon be possible thanks to the marvels of new technology. Local providers have been catching up with the rest of the world and will be fleshing out their range of services while trimming their prices.

The broadband revolution gathered pace at the opening of Infotech when Clickpost launched itself in the high speed Internet arena. Sticking to its motto of Internet for the People, the Mauritius Post subsidiary broke the Telecom Plus monopoly on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). It revealed new subscriber packages, which put the heat on Telecom Plus even if they were not exactly groundbreaking.

Clickpost's main selling asset is always-on connectivity. Its eye-catching package is the 512 Kbps at Rs 1,900 monthly. Telecom Plus reacted by proposing free modem and line conversion until the end of January. While the two providers push and shove over the lucrative Christmas period, a third one is waiting to pounce. Network Plus plans to launch Nomad, a wireless access for desktops and laptops, in February. The technology will be available in Ebène, Réduit and Port-Louis before being rolled out across the country.

The price war is due to hot up even further during the first semester of 2005. Both Telecom Plus and Clickpost will reveal new 1 Mbps services, which will push entry- level ADSL prices further down. Telecom Plus will also unveil Internet TV in February. Insiders reveal that the package will include a 128 Kbps connection at a mouth-watering price.