Computer News - In Brief


- Indian company Teledata Informatics Ltd is set to start its commercial operations at Durban in South Africa. With the new office at Durban, the company can install and support the Ship Manager software products in this region apart from marketing the other marine products.

According to the company, it is very confident that WebEIM, the Education ERP solution, will have better market in South Africa as its product School Manager (earlier version) is still used in some of the schools here in Durban and Johannesburg.

- After Swahili, Microsoft will now turn its hand to translating its software into Wolof, which is the most widely spoken native language in Senegal. According to the managing director of the Senegalese "Agence informatique de l'État" (AIE or State informatics agency), the agreement was given by the multinational's president for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Linguists and specialists in the Wolof language from Senegal will be involved in the project. According to the chief executive of the AIE, the costs involved will "not exceed what we are currently paying for licenses". The agreement signed will also cover use of Microsoft products by all areas of the public service.