As a result of a significant expansion of network capacity to meet subscriber demand, Spacetel Guinea last week confirmed that it had selected Gateway Communications as it's partner for the delivery of international services. Gateway will deliver a complete suite of services comprising international connectivity, voice applications, roaming and value-added services.

By selecting Gateway, Spacetel is able to guarantee cost effective and high-quality international services and thereby differentiate its product to facilitate rapid growth in market share. In addition by outsourcing international services Spacetel will significantly reduce operating and administrative costs and gain from Gateway's experience, scale and extensive African and global connectivity.

Spacetel Guinea spokesperson Raouf Abou Khalil commented "We were impressed by Gateway's knowledge and responsiveness to our local needs. By working with Gateway we hope to gain the benefit of an international presence combined with African expertise." Spacetel are to receive guaranteed service levels and reduced costs for international telephone calls.