The Communications Authority of Zambia (CAZ) is in the process of creating the Consumer Complaint Guideline that will help the consumers to have access to proper services in relation to technology, writes Timothy Kasolo.

CAZ Director of Licensing and Consumer affairs Susan Mulikita says the consumers need to benefit from any service that are being provided by telecommunication, mobile and other service providers.

“ In this day of improved efficiency the consumers need to be satisfied with the quality of services that they are getting from service providers,” Mulikita said.

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of CAZ existence in Zambia with the theme ‘Catalyzing universal access to Information Communication Technologies (ICTs)’ Mulikita observed that the service providers need to provide competitive services to its consumers.

She said the Consumer Complaint Guideline would guide the consumers to make any formal complaints if there is an efficient supply of any service from the service providers.

Mulikita explained that the consumers have the rights such as non-discrimination, awareness of rights and the choice of any service provider.

In addition, Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC) Executive Director Patrick Masambu said for Zambia to have the universal access policy in place the country needs a statutory instrument and the policy that will specifically address the universal access to ICTs.

Masambu explained that the universal access to ICTs in Zambia should be focused and include both the rural and urban people so that every one has access to ICTs.

Zambia is in the process of formulating the universal access of ICTs and the Ministry of Communications and Transport (MCT) and CAZ are spearheading the process.