Founder and CEO of Nigeria's MTS Firstwireless Richmond Aggrey says that the Government needs to facilitate funding of the emerging telecommunications industry if what has been achieved is to be sustained. He sees the current tradition of non capital intensive, short term projects funded by the banking sector in Nigeria and its regime of high interest rate as not conducive to telecommunications growth and development. Aggrey was involved in a failed mobile venture with Nitel but in 2001 launched his present company which has a basket of licenses to do nationwide fixed telephone services, long distance communications, and international data access.

Congratulations to Njeri Rionge, CEO of Wananchi Online who is marrying a Canadian called Jom Hogan.

The case taken out against Kenny Yiptong of Mauritel over VoIP pricing in Mauritius is still outstanding and he remains on bail. But the Government appears to be in no hurry to pursue the action as it is clear it does not have a very strong legal case.