- IDRC is looking for a Managing Director for its Community Technology Learning/Telecentre Support Network. The increased emphasis on skills, abilities and networks in the Digital Age has led many people to champion the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in Development. If you’re already a champion for ICTs in Development and you’re looking for a larger challenge with a global profile.

The Managing Director of the CTCL/Telecentre Support Network will be based at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Ottawa, Canada. It has been initially underwritten with a major contribution from the Microsoft Corporation. The network will provide a locally-driven, internationally connected telecentre support network consisting of three tiers: local telecentres, regional support networks, and a global support centre.

This new position will develop a worldwide not-for-profit “start-up” within the ICT4D program area at IDRC. The successful candidate will have solid, practical field experience with telecentres along with compelling leadership, management and communications skills. You’ll be able to work with existing and new regional telecentre groups in the regions along with building a worldwide Support Network service on the Internet.

If you’re passionate about overcoming the “digital divides” and have the requisite skills and experiences please contact them at:

Director, Human Resources
International Development Research Centre
250 Albert St.
Ottawa, Canada

The African VoIP Forum

Nairobi, 14-15 December 2005
“The development and business imperatives of IP telephony”

Call for Papers & Sponsorship

The time has come for the widespread implementation of VoIP technology in Africa. Those countries still debating its pros and cons and trying to protect the vested interests of incumbent operators are going to be left behind as more progressive markets leapfrog into new regulatory regimes to reduce costs and multiply connections through the rapid deployment of IP-based solutions. South Africa and Kenya have recently introduced new regulatory regimes to liberate the positive forces of VoIP technology.

AITEC is hosting the continent’s first VoIP Forum for corporate users, ISPs, operators, regulators, policy-makers, technology suppliers and service providers to review recent developments, learn from best practices around the world, and map out future corporate, national and continental strategies.

By sharing knowledge, experience and ideas from throughout the continent and internationally, the pace can be accelerated, mistakes avoided and service excellence achieved.

One of the proposed outcomes of the Forum will be the founding of an African VoIP Association to provide a structure for regular exchange of information among operators, ISPs and regulators in this specialized area.

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